Auka East

Auka is a small autonomously-governed kingdom that makes up part of the Confederation of Mousenbourne. The actual region of Auka consists mainly of two plains, bifurcated by the Heights of Mül. The capital of Riggrad, the center of the kingdom, sits in the middle of those mountains, located in the Crash, the area where the Heights Mül intersect perpendicularly with the Atarré Peaks. Auka East is the plain east of Riggrad and the Crash.

Auka East is dominated by the five cities spaced out on the long road that stretches the length of the plain. During construction, the road was made to meander around the forests and natural areas of the plain, so as not to despoil the beauty of the landscape. While some of the smaller-minded have criticized such a decision, in general, the people do not have a problem with it. For those in an extreme rush, the forests and other natural obstacles are all rather easily traversable, with few (known) dangers. The road begins at the exit from Riggrad and winds to the southeast, just under the shadow of the perpetually-burning plateau known as the Scorched Steppe.

The first city on the road is Vuur, at a locale right on the southeast corner of the Scorched Steppe. As the first city on the road before Riggrad, Vuur sees a number of travelers both to and from the capital and is the largest city in Auka East. North of Vuur the normally lush grass has begun to turn dry and yellow, a change forced by its proximity to the heat of the Scorched Steppe. From Vuur, the road meanders northeast until it reaches Kimarque.

Kimarque is the second city from Riggrad and it is here where one can first begin to see the natural beauty of the land. Before Kimarque, one cannot look around without his/her gaze being drawn to the Scorched Steppe, but once this city is reached, one can note the allure of the Woods of Whispering Rain to the east and the abundant flora and fauna in the marshy lands to the south. The road from Kimarque continues southeast where it reaches Gorrea.

Although Gorrea is the third city from Riggrad, it is the second most populous in Auka East. This would probably be because Gorrea has the most fertile land of all the cities on the plain, and as such, it attracts many farmers and workers, eager to make use of such bountiful soil. The Gardens of Gorrea hold some of the most beautiful plants in the world, and many come to the town to find peace, or just marvel at the wonders around them. The road continues onward from Gorrea, stretching northeast as it makes its way toward Tyven.

Tyven is the smallest city on the plain, a little hamlet nestled between the mountains to the north and the hills to the south. West of the city lie the Woods of Whispering Rain, while the forests east contain plentiful game for the villagers to hunt. Most food is grown in small gardens, although there is a large estate that owns the farmland between the mountains and Tyven. There is no major river close to the town, but several small streams in the woods as well as a number of wells allow the townspeople to access pure drinking water easily. The road, once it passes through Tyven, then runs straight into the Tyven forest where it turns to the southeast and exits the woods before coming to Tamaron.

Tamaron is the final city in Auka East, and it is surrounded on three sides by generally flat countryside that eventually run directly into the mountains. The road also ends in Tamaron, at an inn aptly named Journey’s End. As the farthest city from Riggrad, the government of Tamaron prefers to interact with the other cities on the plain rather than the capital. In addition, the city also acts as a sort of buffer against external threats, although these are generally few and far between.

Auka East

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