The Khremeram

A shard of the Living Gate, corrupted by the Far Realm.


Serves as a + 1 Orb Implement
Properties: + 2 to Dungeoneering checks
Daily Power: Free Action. Purple Lightning issues forth from the Khremeram, Range 10 Attack: + 9 vs Will. Hit: 1d8 + 4 psychic damage. Miss: Half Damage


The Khremeram [xremuram] is a corrupted fragment of the Living Gate, which once held the influences of the Far Realm at bay. In the millennia since the Living Gate’s destruction, the “Khremeram” (so dubbed only by its most recent possessor, the white dragon Khremokol) has served as a purely malign influence, showing its possessors images of the first tide of the impossible creatures that spilled forth during the Gate’s destruction. Throughout the ages, the stone has served as a holy icon, an instrument of war, and a pillar of chaos. It seeks only to corrupt, and the more one becomes involved with the stone, the more one’s mind becomes corrupt and shattered like the image of the Realm the stone seeks to imitate.

The Khremeram

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