The Heart's Desire

A magical pendant to lead one to what he or she desires most.


+ 1 to Fort, Ref, and Will
+ 2 to Insight checks


A gift from the primal spirits of the temple of the Thaeorwyld, the Heart’s Desire is an artifact of great power. As a daily power (standard action), one can grab hold of the pendant and know the direction and distance to the thing he or she desires most of all. This could be a physical person or object, but it could also be a concept, such a love or power. The Heart’s Desire shows the most effective manner in achieving this goal by providing an emotion coupled with a person, object, or place. For example, if one wanted great power within the castle, the Heart’s Desire would show the direction to the king and imbue the wearer with a murderous feeling, knowing that by killing the king, the servants of the castle would bow down to the wearer.

The Heart's Desire

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