Nommilian Geography circa 0 AB

The following is a brief description of the land of Nommily, as recorded by Miri and Folstan Gatlan on their journey across the country to found Gatlandia.

We have been some two weeks departed from our landing site, where we would not become river folk as Baelar wished, nor swindle ourselves in to poverty as Amghut would like, and we have traveled a good portion of this land. It is fair by the coast, where we walked through green forests, brimming with wildlife and little in the way of murderous beasts. As we continued eastward, the land became hilly, and often we were forced to hide amongst rocks, as birds of prey surveyed us from overhead. Past these hills is a wide plain, open ground for roving bands of orcs, which we did battle with.

We have come to a lake, wide and pure. It has its source in a river coming north and is surrounded by hills. It is calm here, except for a tribe of river folk who at night howl like wolves at the moon while dancing in strange rituals. We will not tarry long here.

It has been several days since we camped by the lake and feared the lake men. Past those hills on the eastern side of the lake is a wide, dry plain, extending for miles. Little grows here but small grasses and shrubs, and the land offers few hiding spots. In the distance we see green forests, but between us and it lies a jagged crevasse, which we must cross.

Two days ago we attempted to cross that treacherous chasm, and we weep at the loss of several of our men. Good hinfolk all they were. We can not tarry, for we have come to the western edge of these woods, and we know what we seek is inside. These forests are thick and dark, but they abound with wildlife, both mundane and magical.

We have been in the forest for several weeks. Our supplies are dwindling. Hopefully there is something over the hill Miri spotted. Otherwise we will be lost.

Avandra has smiled upon us! A natural well in the midst of the forest, upon a raised clearing in the land. Here! Here we will settle, far removed from the troubles of the world. Here is Gatlandia, where we live in peace.

The past year has seen us thrive despite many setbacks. We have sent explorers in to the wilds, and their report is as follows:

To the north is a grand river, and fertile land surrounds it. Far to the east is the river’s source, in a high mountain.

To the east of our settlement is a crater, and our mages that have traveled there say there is a terrible force coming from its core, so we dare not travel there.

To the southeast is swampland, and a lake within, mired in tall grass and overgrowth. There are dangerous creatures here hiding amongst the bog, so we do not travel here.

To the south there is a large expanse of dry, open land, interrupted by craggy hills. It is through here we will send a small band to the coast, so that we may have access to the sea one day.

May Avandra continue to watch over our expeditions, as we make a land where all may live in peace!

Nommilian Geography circa 0 AB

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