Iabor, the Mammoth-Daemon

The following is an excerpt from an old treatise on the emergence of the demon Iabor from the land of Inad. While exaggerated, it should not be forgotten that the events described have been proven true by various sages and historians.

…The gods wept as the land was torn asunder. The world groaned in its labor-pains and from the endless abyss the Beast emerged. All that stood near the places of its unholy ascension were turned to the hardest stone at the mere sight of its inception. Their bodies were then obliterated and their souls were engulfed by the malevolence of Him.

First emerged the goring tusks, longer and thicker than the eldest of the Eldan trees, and at their tips a thousand bony spikes covered in demon bile and blood rose up until the sky was pierced and the fabric of heaven torn.

As his bony weapons of death came through the daemon-holm, his horrid visage became known, and those who still looked upon him with living eyes were then sick with the most horrible of afflictions, as boils burst forth over their bodies and their innards came flooding out in cascades of blood. In his red, bleeding eyes were two pupils each, to see what is upon the world and the vision of its demonic conquest. From his skull, spikes protruded to give the Mammoth-daemon the regalia of an unholy king. In his mouth a thousand teeth a hundred fold formed the maw of oblivion, in to which so many souls would be lost. Its trunk, which earned the demon the moniker of the ancient animals thought to be extinct by manner of the gods, was made of obsidian and could crush the hardest, oldest mountains, and could grab entire cities within its vile nostrils.

On his four massive legs the Beast came forth. Like long, thick towers his limbs struck the earth, making craters that bled with black corruption from his scarred and bleeding hooves. At each footfall, a wave of thunder blasted across the lands, turning all who heard the ruinous cacophony deaf at once, and their ears bled from the sound.

The legs lifted Its body high enough to block out Pelor’s holy light. A misshapen, woolly mass of black hair and hardened hide drew high in to the air, followed by a long, lizard-like tail with another slew of spikes adorned upon it, and at long last the thing known now as Iabor walked upon the world.

Iabor, the Mammoth-Daemon

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