Before the Fall and Age of Becoming

This time line is based from the perspective of the humans, dwarves, and halflings who escaped from the dragonborn empire. As such, it has a large focus on the founding of the kingdom of Fairwealde, the Northlands, Mousenbourne, and Nommily. Also see A Note of the Counting of Years

B.F. – Before the Fall, or in some cultures, Before Freedom
A.B. – The Age of Becoming

~2,500 B.F. – Earliest written records. The dragons break free of elemental tyrants, emergence of the Dragonborn.

~1,700 B.F. – The War between the Chromatics and the Metallics. This era brings about an eternal struggle between the two varieties of dragon, which many historians claim is a vital reason for the eventual fall of the empire.

~1,400 B.F. – Barathis the Devoted lives, goes down in legend as the exemplar of the ancient nobility of the Dragonborn.

~1,000 B.F. – The Great Dragon Empire reaches its pinnacle of power. Begins enslaving other races. Humans are taken from current-day Nethermach, Mousenbourne, the Northlands, and northwestern Durgeonnon. Dwarves are stolen from mountain ranges under Giant control in Izentag and southwestern Fairwealde. Halflings come from various different regions.

900 B.F. – The Dwarves of Izentag retreat into their ice mountain hold. They won’t have outside contact for nearly one thousand years.

780 B.F. – The First Rebellion. Humans establish the Noether passage, begin escaping to the Great Continent.

720 B.F. – Urdo, the Half-Dwarf, is born. His actions will enable the eventual liberation of the enslaved races, and the fall of the Great Dragon Empire.

675 B.F. – The Feud of the Dragons. Dragonborn infighting.

425 B.F. – Rise of Karkkas the Wrathbringer. Noether passage is raided. Massive slave revolts result in massive casualties.

386 B.F. – Karkkas is killed by the first reincarnation of Barathis. Massive chaos ensues. First of the towers fall.

198 B.F. – Iabor, the mammoth-daemon, comes from Inad. The carnage becomes the stuff of legend. Many humans take flight at this time, along with Dragonborn escapees. Iabor is slain by the second reincarnation of Barathis.

151 B.F. – Rallying the surviving humans in Wodenstraal, Verigault Turend forges southeast toward the great continent, establishing the town of Hessia as “a free land to all that suffer”

105 B.F. – Relative stability is achieved within the remaining Draconic Empire, but slavery continues. Halflings begin underground routes to construct ships to escape.

41 B.F. – A small group of Halflings embark on three ships, headed toward present-day Nommily.

39 B.F. – The Nommilian Halflings land, split up, and begin the founding of the Principalities.

34 B.F. – The dynasty of Turend ends with the death of Verigault III, Iziah Kreger becomes Lord of the Northlands.

33 B.F. – Thordum, first of the line of Taul, is born in Thorgut, Nethermach. Quickly becomes a great leader of his village, which would not follow the brash Verigault in to the Great Continent.

7 B.F. – Thordum leads his people south, past the largely untamed and unforgiving Northlands, to the warmer lands in present-day Fairwealde. His son Thorim is born.

0 B.F./A.B. – The last tower of the Dragon Empire falls, marking the end of the empire, the decline of the Dragonborn, and the rise of the free races.

1 A.B. – News of the fall of the last Dragon tower spreads quickly, and a council of elders in Hessia deems a ruling emperor in the Northlands no longer necessary, and Iziah II peacefully steps down as Lord of the Northlands. The Free States Period ensues, lasting for over two centuries. During this time, several city-states are founded, including Brandenburg, Harmington, Cadenzia, and Leceance.

13 A.B. – The cornerstone is laid at Castle Taulmark. Humans begin full-fledged colonization of Fairwealde. King Thordum and Prince Thorim are crowned.

15 A.B. – The Pact of Nommily. The city-states of Gatlandia, Port Stodder, and Roddensburg become principalities.

23 A.B. – Prince Thorim drives back orc hordes, becomes local hero in Fairwealde. The Durgetton Volcano erupts, some believe marking the beginning of the dark rituals used to bring the Durgeonnon empire to power.

24 A.B. – Tharim, son of Thorim, is born in Fairwealde.

37 A.B. – Thordum dies, Thorim becomes King of Fairwealde. The nation’s borders extend south.

42 A.B. – Thorim explores southern Fairwealde, finds the Nommilian city of Roddensburg across the river. Extends an alliance to the principality. Trade flows freely between the two nations.

55 A.B. – Thorim dies. Tharim is crowned King of Fairwealde.

60 A.B. – Decades of peace ensue in Fairwealde, following the establishment of Tharim’s Town. Tharim sends envoys out across the lands, inviting wayward humans to join the kingdom.

97 A.B. – Tharim dies. A shrine is built to commemorate the three founding Kings of Fairwealde. The location of the shrine has long been forgotten, but some still say it lies in a hidden meadow deep within the Wealde. Tharim’s son Erthor receives rule of Fairwealde.

141 A.B. – Erthor dies. His son Aerthar receives rule of Fairwealde.

176 A.B. – Aerthar dies. His son Ethnon receives rule of Fairwealde.

207 A.B. – Continued skirmishes between city-states results in the Hereson brothers, Joniah and Merand, seizing the capital at Hessia and re-instating the ruling Dynasties. The Hereson dynasty brings relative stability to the Northlands, while Joniah and Merand Hereson are both crowned lords of the Northlands.

226 A.B. – Ethnon dies. His son Tharim II receives rule of Fairwealde.

246 A.B. – Tharim II is killed. His son Thordnon receives rule of Fairwealde.

272 A.B. – Merand Hereson is challenged to a duel by Sir Hurot Dudanger at the royal palace in Hessia. Although Hereson is 87 years old, he puts up a vicious fight, but is ultimately slain by Dudanger. Sir Hurot Dudanger is proclaimed Lord of the Northlands.

308 A.B. – Thordnon dies. His son Erthor II receives rule of Fairwealde.

311 A.B. – The corrupt Lord Hurot Dudanger is driven out of Hessia by Kentley Fallow Remegon of Harmington. Kentley Fallow Remegon is proclaimed Lord of the Northlands.

338 A.B. – For mysterious reasons, Lord Remegon dies in his chamber. Many in Hessia believe the beloved ruler was assassinated by agents of the disposed Hurot Dudanger, although Dudanger loyalists claim he had nothing to do with the death of Lord Remegon. The resulting civil war between the city-states is known as the First Time of Disunity.

350 A.B. – With a series of key military victories, Captain Iliah Lorendon quells the rebelling city-states and pushes through Hessia in to the throne room of the royal palace. In an impromptu ceremony amid the war-torn city, Iliah Lorendon is crowned the first Lady of the Northlands. Her reign of 56 years will bring about the complete rebuilding of the Northlands and huge economic development for the region.

361 A.B. – Erthor II dies. His son Erthor III receives rule of Fairwealde.

411 A.B. – Erthor III dies. His son Radthor receives rule of Fairwealde.

432 A.B. – The Year of Sorrows. Radthor is assassinated in Taulmark. His murderer is never found. His son Rathnon receives rule of a troubled Fairwealde. At around the same time as Radthor’s assassination, the beholder tyrant known as Ugvralimik emerges in the Royal Palace in Hessia and kills the entire royal family of Lorendon. Massive chaos ensues, with city-states rekindling old hatreds (believed to be the work of agents of Ugvralimik), and ultimately resulting in the Second Time of Disunity.

479 A.B. – In the battered and war-torn city of Leceance, the paladin of Erathis, Charlen Dockner, sets on a quest to destroy Ugvralimik. With the help of a band of heroes, he drives in to the heart of the royal palace in Hessia and slays the beholder, casting him back in to the Underdark. Much like his predecessor Iliah Lorendon 129 years before, Charlen Dockner is proclaimed Lord of the Northlands amid the ruins of Hessia.

490 A.B. – Rathnon dies. His son Erthor IV receives rule of Fairwealde.

508 A.B. – The Year of Discontent. Famine strikes Fairwealde. Elven wanderers cause overpopulation. Riots break out. Crowds storm Castle Taulmark, demanding for the head of the king. Erthor IV and his family go into hiding. The riots will ensue for almost a decade.

517 A.B. – King Erthor IV and his son, Prince Rathnon II return to the kingdom to reinstate the monarchy. In the conflict, Erthor IV is slain. Rathnon II receives rule of Fairwealde and peace is restored.

579 A.B. – Rathnon II dies. His son Ethnon II receives rule of Fairwealde.

590 A.B. – Charlen IV dies, marking the end of the longest-reigning dyansty since the Era of Turend, and Alfonzo Holena of Cadenzia is proclaimed Lord of the Northlands.

626 A.B. – Ethnon II dies. His son Ethnon III receives rule of Fairwealde.

657 A.B. – After years of unfair taxes and tariffs by the Holena Dynasty, an emergency meeting of the Council of Elders is held in Hessia. After much deliberation, it is decided to remove the Holenas from power and proclaim High Captain Marnon Atande as Lord of the Northlands. The power shift is planned to take place in Hessia within a year.

658 A.B. – On the eve before the coronation ceremony, the Holenas flee Hessia with a large group of loyalists. Riots break out in Hessia, while the Holenas convince supporters in Brandenburg to defend them from the approaching army of Atande. The conflict is known as the Battle of Brandenburg, which results in devastating casualties for both armies. Still, High Captain Marnon Atande emerges victorious, and retrieves the crown from the slain Alfonzo III. He returns to Hessia a hero, and the new Lord of the Northlands.

667 A.B. – Ethnon III dies. His son Ardithan receives rule of Fairwealde.

717 A.B. – Ardithan dies. His son Arfathan receives rule of Fairwealde.

725 A.B. – Marnon II willingly gives the crown to Aloran Valycia, who is proclaimed Lord of the Northlands.

741 A.B. – Arfathan suffers from a Maulhex curse and is unable to rule. His son Farithan receives rule of Fairwealde.

770 A.B. – Farithan dies. His son Forthim receives rule of Fairwealde.

812 A.B. – Forthim dies. His son Rathnon III receives rule of Fairwealde.

847 A.B. – Rathnon III dies. His son Rathim receives rule of Fairwealde.

849 A.B. – The First Fairwealde-Durgeonnon War. Ended in 850 A.B. by Archwizard Ether’s magical explosion at Riverfyre.

852 A.B. – The goblin invasion of Brandenburg.

856 A.B. – The War for Southhaven, City of Jorvan.

857 A.B. – The Murder of King Rathim and the start of the Second Fairwealde-Durgeonnon War.

858 A.B. – Current year.

Before the Fall and Age of Becoming

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