Age of the Dawn

Age of the Dawn (with approximations of years B.F. and A.B.)

0 of the Dawn (5,000 B.F.) – The birth of reason. The malevolent, immortal forces of eternal darkness are beaten back by the arrival of the gods. The mortal races are given freedom in exchange for eternal worship. First to accede are the Eldan, the ancestors of the Eladrin, Elves, and Drow.

500 of the Dawn (4,500 B.F.) – Great temples are erected, one by each race. At the time, these are: the Draconic (to become the Dragons and Dragonborn), the Eldan (to become the Eladrin, Elves, and Drow), the Iseo (to become northern Humans, Dwarfs, Goliaths, and Orcs), and the Udeo (to become southern Humans, Halflings, Gnomes, and Goblins). A period of peace ensues.

1,000 of the Dawn (4,000 B.F.) – Corellon grants magic unto the world. The Draconic use it to enhance their forms, granting flight to some. The Eldan revere it above all else. The Iseo squander it, losing track of spells and weakening their abilities. The Udeo begin to manipulate it, and Asmodeus begins to take an interest in their use.

1,250 of the Dawn (3,750 B.F.) – The Firestorm. Asmodeus uses the magic of the Udeo to bring primordial elementals to the world. Chaos reigns.

1,750 of the Dawn (3,250 B.F.) – 500 years of hiding from elementals has brought change upon the races. The Draconic start to separate into those that fly above the elementals (Dragons) and those who are earthbound (Dragonborn). Some of the Udeo shrink in stature to better hide from the elementals (Halflings), and others flee in to the Feywild with some of the Eldan (Gnomes). Others bow to Asmodeus’ will, breeding with his devilish servants (Tieflings). The Iseo become hardened warriors, some venture into the mountains (Dwarves), or live on top of the mountains (Goliaths). The Eldan form a hierarchy, splitting in to those who flee in to the Feywild (Eladrin), those who stay in the world’s forests (Elves), and those who retreat underground (Drow).

2,250 of the Dawn (2,750 B.F.) – The benevolent gods finally intervene, fighting their way to the heart of the Nine Hells. The mortal races are nearly exterminated in a final, fiery wrath sent by Asmodeus. As the war in the Nine Hells rages, the elementals rage on the world. Soon, Asmodeus is defeated, but casts the other gods out of his fortress and imbues a few elementals with the last of his power.

3,000 of the Dawn (2,000 B.F.) – The elemental tyrants are finally defeated. Most of the world’s races are in ruins, with the notable exception of the Eldan. Only through their careful writings has history been preserved.

Age of the Dawn

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