A Brief History of the Founding of the Principalities of Nommily

It is assumed that the reader of this short tract is familiar with the general history of the long-dead, ancient empire of the Dragons, and its ultimate demise roughly eight hundred years ago. It is also assumed that the reader realizes that, in all likelihood, his race was subject to enslavement under said empire. This story deals with the race of Halflings, who, after a millennium of subjugation under the Dragon Empire, managed their escape and fled to the lands east, and eventually to what would later become the Principalities of Nommily.

Not much is known about the original escape, but it is speculated that after many decades of secret passages and daring rebellions to liberate the enslaved Halflings, enough resources were accrued to construct three rudimentary vessels to embark on a great journey across the sea. Calculations put the original number of escapees at just over 300, with roughly 100 individuals on each ship. The ships themselves were crude, basic transport vessels, prone to leaking, with minimal defenses. The names of the ships have survived through Nommilian folklore. Most commonly they are identified as the Brushwhick, the Yondallian, and the Newhope. Various regional tales account for each ship’s “courageous” voyage, but most historians agree that the Halflings aboard each ship were cramped, under-fed, and generally scared beyond all reason. Centuries of land-locked servitude had left them less-than-capable on the dangerous open seas. Still, through some great work of the gods, all three ships landed on the southwestern shore of the Great Continent, relatively unscathed.

Upon disembarking, the Halflings encountered a wooded wilderness, teeming with savage wildlife and imposing forests. Undaunted by the terrain, the Halflings set to disassembling the ships and preparing what few supplies they had. Before long, however, a dispute arose between the crews of the ships. Each crew of Halflings wished to settle in a different area.

Baelar Nomm, the self-appointed captain of the Yondallian and a well-respected leader amongst his people, had the foresight of sending scouts into the wilderness. The scouts reported back that a long, wide river was not far off, and the beasts of the forest seemed less present in that area. Baelar saw this as a perfect place for a permanent settlement, and convinced most of the Halflings that this should be their destination. However, two dissenting groups would soon rupture the fragile unity Baelar had brought from the Dragon empire.

Amghut Molor, great-grandfather to the infamous Moght, had arrived on the Brushwhick. He had proven himself a capable sea-farer (compared to the general incompetence of the Halfling mariners), and had gained a degree of respect amongst the ship’s personnel, despite his unscrupulous nature. He believed that they should not move from their current spot, citing their unfamiliarity with the land as his prime reason. Tireless research into this matter has revealed there might have been an ulterior motive to Amghut’s decision; documents reveal numerous contracts with corrupt individuals to exhort all the wealth possible from future settlements, based on unfair naval trade. Indeed, after Amghut convinced a handful of settlers to venture a few miles south to establish a town on the coast, the settlement quickly saw heavy taxes and general lawlessness.

The third group of Halflings was lead by the brave and handsome couple Miri and Folstan Gatlan. These exceedingly brave Halflings arrived on the Newhope, where they kept morale high with inspiring speeches and unswerving optimism. The couple took a few brave adventurers into the heart of this new land, eager to start a completely new life, far away from their former dragon oppressors.

So the Halflings parted ways, each leader determined to prove the others wrong. It would be over 50 years before they heard from each other again.

Baelar took the most capable Halflings and most of the available resources toward the river. The exodus went smoothly, and soon they established the port of Roddensburg.

A Brief History of the Founding of the Principalities of Nommily

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