The Ring of Urabaru

A legendary ring of invisibility.


The Ring of Urabaru
This ring appears as a wyrm consuming its own tail. The top half is a polished ivory and the bottom half is jet black.

  • At-will (Minor Action): You turn the ring to its opposite side. If the dark side is facing up, you turn invisible and take ongoing 1 damage which can’t be reduced in any way. If the light side is facing up, you are no longer invisible nor taking ongoing damage.

Special: The ring tempts its wearer with its incredible power. Repeated uses could likely get the wearer in to trouble, magical or otherwise.


Urabaru, also known as the Self-Consuming Wyrm or the World Serpent, was a force of creation and destruction in ancient draconic lore. While the ancient elemental titans shaped the world and its physical form, Urabaru ran rampant amongst the creation, a young wyrm wild in its infancy. As time passed and the elementals were banished from the world by the gods, Urabaru still continued its cycle of creation and destruction, always reducing its creations to nothing. During the early years of dragonkind, when the first dragons took to the skies, Urabaru was a free agent, working between the chromatics and the metallics for its own chaotic purposes. After a time (some say around the establishment of the Draconic Empire with the aid of Urnam) Urabaru disappeared, some say killed by his own dual nature, some say sent to slumber in the heart of the world until its ultimate destruction.

Although many consider Urabaru to be a myth of the dragons, there is no doubt that the ring exists. No one knows exactly who crafted it or why, but it has appeared in the hands of countless agents of chaos, given freely amongst them to sow disorder wherever it goes. Though the ring seems harmless enough to those who can sacrifice a part of their essence to feed the ring’s power, it is notorious for bringing the wearer in to dangerous situations, guided by their own overconfidence brought about by the ring’s power of invisibility.

The Ring of Urabaru

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