The Bloody Blade

The viscious blade of Terman Dram

weapon (melee)

The Bloody Blade is a +2 short sword.

Property: You deal an extra 1d6 damage against bloodied enemies.
Property: The first time you become bloodied during an encounter, you must make a melee basic attack against the nearest enemy (determined randomly if there are more than one) as a free action.


The Bloody Blade is a symbol of the crime syndicate that goes by the same name. In a strange binding ritual, Teregor Dram bound his father’s soul in to the red gem on the sword’s blade. The process left Terman’s soul forever altered, and now he whispers out to the sword’s wielder, constantly urging blood-lust and violence. Any time the wielder engages in a particularly gruesome bit of violence, the blade becomes more powerful, its influence stronger. If the wielder shows mercy of any kind, the blade’s power weakens, and soon the soul of Terman will begin to break against its prison, releasing the founder of the Bloody Blades back in to the world.

The Bloody Blade

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