The Fairwealde Campaign

Hired Hands

Who Needs to Know Who's Hiring You Anyhow?

Theatre D&D

Almost as if on cue, a man strode into the tavern, nearly slipping on the bleeding entrails the bear had left on the floorboards. He wore a deep blue cloak, held together by a silver brooch bearing the symbol of the city. His eyes were strained, and he had the appearance of a man who would much rather be in a much cleaner den of pleasures.

“Who’s looking for work?” he barked. He casually pulled his cloak from his side, revealing the longsword he wore on his hip.

“What’s it pay?” said the purple cloaked wizard, who by now had introduced himself as Ell. He approached the man in blue alongside Igor and Lo-kag, the Goliath.

“See for yourself,” said the man, and he handed the three of them each a scroll. Each one also bore on it the seal of the city.

“I will offer my services,” said the thin man. “I am Eratium, Invoker of—”

“Have at it Horatio,” said the man, and he chucked a scroll at him.

“Eratium,” he said.

“Whatever,” said Ell.

“Um, excuse me,” said the young woman with breasts and the bear. “My name is Thea, and I’m looking for work.”

“Any specialities?” asked the man with a sneer. Simus the bear growled, and the man shook out of his sleasiness. He handed Thea the last of the scrolls and then strode right back out of the tavern, hopping over pieces of bear refuse.

“What’s yours say? I can’t read that good.” Lo-Kag handed his scroll over to Igor. “Same as mine, big guy,” he said with a smile.

Horatio said, “If that’s true, then I believe all of ours are the same. We are to go to a warehouse on the outskirts of a city and intercept an illegal shipment of some kind of good. If we are all agreeing to work together, I suggest that we all go to the City Hall and learn more about this job while we still have time.”

“Or we could do the better idea and just go there now,” said Ell. He paid for his tab and started walking towards the door.

“The wizard’s got a point, Horatio,” said Igor. “Fortune favors the bold, or so they say. Coming Lo-Kag?” Lo-Kag, who by now was wrestling with Simus the bear, nodded his head, bucked Simus easily off of his shoulders, and walked out with Igor.

“C’mon Simus!” Thea cheered happily. “We’re going to make tons of cool friends, and I bet they’ll respect the two of us as fellow adventurers!”

Outside, Lo-Kag asked, “Do you think boobs and the bear will come?”

“Don’t see why not,” answered Igor. “We’ll probably need all the hands we can get. Although the bear is a little much.”

“I heard that,” said Ell. They walked together into the city of Jorvan, with Simus, Thea, and a whimpering Horatio on their tails.



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