The Fairwealde Campaign

Ell's Diary

Theatre D&D

Dear Diary,

Today I fought that wraith thing I made a pact with. Totally fucked it up. Whatev. No big deal. He sent out some wraith minion bitches. Guess what I did? Magic missile. BAM. Dead. That’s what’s up. He tried to overpower me with some of his shadow magic. Guess whose shadow magic was stronger? That’s right. This guy. Also, yeah, I know a bunch of shadow magic now. ‘Cause I’m undead. S’pretty cool. Gorilla or something killed me. Nothing I can’t handle. Raven Queen helped out a bit. She seems pretty chill. Technically Lo-Kag got the kill, but you know, I totally helped out a bunch. Also something with spirits and turtles or some shit. I found out there are more things that go with my stone and eyestalk. Sweet! There’s some dice or something. Sounds pretty boss. Can’t wait to get back to Jorvan. But the killing stuff with magic was the best part. Later.



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