A Strange World of Kingdoms and Magic

Welcome to the realm of Fairwealde. Although the Kingdom of Fairwealde is just one country amongst the many lands of the world, it is the most developed, the most embracing of the world and the many races that inhabit it.

All of my campaigns are linked together through a bizarre web of characters and events, and so this page is to compile all these adventures in a comprehensive database.

Please add your bit to the story! Feel free to put up a bio for your character(s), post in the forums, or add a bit to the lore in the wiki! The world is ours to create!


A few notes about adding stuff:

If you’d like to write anything about your character or other characters (backstory, strange events, etc.), put it on the “Characters” tab. If you have a story or want to update what happened in a certain session, or log any adventure, use the “Adventure Log” tab and make a new post. “Items” is pretty self explanatory, and I’ll be using it mostly for relics and items of great power. Any other matter related to a campaign goes in the “Forums”, according to its specific campaign thread. Finally, anything else that you believe is noteworthy, such as histories, place descriptions, or other lore and errata, goes in its own “Wiki” page, which I’ll keep nice and organized by topic heading.

Thanks, and happy writing!


The Fairwealde Campaign

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